7 Day Banting Meal Plan+The 10 Commandments of Beginner Banting+Should you Add dairy products

I started Banting just over a year ago  – I didn’t need to lose weight, but hearing my Pilates teacher boast about all the energy she had, I had to try it! I’m no doctor or scientist – this article rather, serves as my experience on the Banting diet & what I’ve personally gained from it! You won’t believe the lies we are fed, pardon the pun, on a daily basis by the food industry.


If you’re keen on the Banting diet then this 7 Day Banting Meal Plan is just what you need to get started.

It provides you with the perfect way to plan your Banting meals in step with the low-carb Banting diet for a complete week.

Not only are the meals on this Banting diet plan healthy & nutritious, they are also gluten free to help will promote gut health & combat autoimmune diseases.

This 7-day Banting meal plan is very similar to the Paleo way of eating (see Paleo vs low-carb diet) which is essentially a LCHF diet (low-carb, high fat) that is also a strictly gluten free diet.

However, the Banting diet (as endorsed by Tim Noakes), and this Banting meal plan, does not exclude dairy at all whilst the Paleo diet does not allow an form of diary.

Here are a few good-to-know food facts:

*Sugar raises Cholesterol and feeds heart disease, not fat. Sugar causes you to store fat, raises bad cholesterol, raises blood glucose and insulin levels.

*Grains contain a mineral blocker that prevent the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.

*Eating protein in the morning is a good way to combat hunger later in the day. But don’t overdo protein, it’s converted into glucose and we now know excess glucose (sugar) is stored as fat. Banting is not about increasing your protein.

*Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is best to cook with as it’s the only oil stable enough to resist high heat damage.

*Your body only needs one teaspoon of sugar to function optimally.

*I used to drown my salads in flaxseed oil as I was too told how healthy it is! Rather, it’s packed with Omega 6 which is highly inflammatory and basically toxic! Vegetable oils are usually GMO and are extracted using chemicals. In a nut shell – seeds oils are heated to very high temperatures and use chemicals to strip the rancid taste and pumped with more chemicals to give it a nutty flavour. It’s just down right evil!

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*Butter is good! Filled with vitamin K & D– the margarine business lead us to believe it was bad. You just have to look at the ingredients list on a good block of butter and a margarine tub and compare! Also the process of making butter is so simple – no heating / chemicals etc.

*avoid salt. Not true. By cutting out all the processed food in your diet, you’ve already eliminated most of your salt intake. Pink Himalayan salt can liberally be used over food to make veggies tastier as we do need some salt. Normal white salt is bleached

*and I hear it all the time! But how can fruit be bad? Well, it’s full of fructose that gets stored as fat in the liver. Fructose is the exact same sugar found in sweets. The odd piece of fruit is fine. But just 5 servings of fruit a day is equivalent to a 500ml soda.

What I love about this low carb high fat lifestyle & try to focus on in my diet – and it really has to become a lifestyle, is:

1.) Eat grass fed meat / diary & go organic where you can

2.) Greens, greens & more greens. And colour! Load your plate with good, healthy & if possible, organic veg!

3.) Knowing which are the good fats – butter (again grass fed), macadamia nuts & macadamia nut butter, olive oil, coconut oil, fatty pieces of meat – no need to be shy. I used to be terrified of butter. Now I put a big dollop in my eggs each day & I’m fuller for longer & have more energy!

4.) Cutting down on milk. This depends on the person. Some people don’t digest diary well, and I never knew milk is fairly high in carbs. I tend to feel better if I substitute the odd cappuccino with cream rather than milk froth, or just cut the milk back in general. So if you’re still feeling bloated or not losing weight, try cut back the diary.

5.) Cheese however agrees with me! Mmmm yes!! Cheese is my go to snack if I do happen to feel peckish. But since Banting, I very rarely feel like snacking. I eat 3 meals a day and that’s that.

At the end of the day – the wonderful part about this lifestyle is it’s not a “diet”. Never feel hungry, cut out cancer feeding sugar & eat real food. No chef will ever turn their head up at great, organic, fresh produce! Ditch the stuff that comes in packets and you’re half way there!

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1. Monday

  • Banting Diet

    Bacon & Eggs For Breakfast Is a Favourite On the Banting Diet

    Breakfast – 2 poached eggs with a few rashers of bacon & tomato

  • Lunch – A large salad with your favorite protein (chicken, steak, etc.) with some cottage cheese
  • Snack – Apple slices with almond butter
  • Dinner – Slow cooker pulled pork with fresh veggies such as spinach & pumpkin (contains less sugar than butternut) & finished off with a small tub of full cream Greek yoghurt if you’re still hungry.

2. Tuesday

  • Breakfast – A portion of fruit followed by bacon & eggs
  • Lunch – Blanched/sauteed veggies (pre-made and reheated)
  • Snack – Can of tuna
  • Dinner – Steak (grass fed) with some green leafy vegetables, cauliflower & broccoli

3. Wednesday

  • Banting Meal Plan

    Roast Chicken With Fresh Veggies Provide Great Protein & Nutrition For Evening Meal

    Breakfast – Coconut milk smoothie or have banana pancakes (makes a change from having eggs everyday although you can have eggs & bacon if you prefer)

  • Lunch – Soup (reheated or in a thermos)
  • Snack – Greek yogurt
  • Dinner – Roast chicken (or BBQ free range chicken which you can get from Woolworths for your convenience)  with a Greek salad

4. Thursday

  • Banting Diet Plan

    Fish Is a Popular Banting Food As It Provides Your Body With Those Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Also Good For the Heart

    Breakfast – Mixed nuts & berries with coconut milk followed by a bowl of Greek yogurt

  • Lunch – BLT wrap with lettuce instead of bread wrap
  • Snack – Hard boiled eggs
  • Dinner – Grilled fish with spinach & pumpkin

5. Friday

  • Breakfast – Steak and eggs
  • Lunch – Cold cut meats and veggies (snack-like but filling)
  • Snack – Avocado – high in good fat that will refuel your energy reserves
  • Dinner – Grilled chicken breasts (free range) with fresh vegetables

6. Saturday

  • Breakfast – Eggs and sweet potato hash browns
  • Lunch – Sandwich with bell pepper slices instead of bread
  • Snack – Biltong (Jerky) & almonds (not too many if you’re looking to lose weight)
  • Dinner – Sun dried tomato bacon wrapped meatloaf

7. Sunday

  • Banting Diet Plan

    Beef & Vegetables (Especially the Broccoli) Is One Of My Favourite Meals

    Breakfast – Egg/veggie/meat scramble

  • Lunch – Dinner leftovers
  • Snack – Blueberries & almonds
  • Dinner – Beef (or chicken) & vegetable stir fry in olive oil (never use Sunflower oil or any vegetable oil)

Besides the dairy, the Paleo diet is very similar to the Banting & the Tim Noakes LCHF diets which all emphasise low-carb eating to maximise your health benefits, help keep you slim & feel young.

Should You Include Dairy In Your Banting Diet Plan?

Banting Diet and Dairy

Tim Noakes Is a Big Supporter Of Dairy But Limit Your Consumption If You’re Lactose Intolerant Or Trying To Lose Weight

Tim Noakes is a big fan of including dairy in his “Banting diet” as long as it’s full cream & from grass fed cows.

There is however a downside, as he mentions in a podcast on Talkfeed regarding dairy & weight gain.

He says that whilst his stance on dairy hasn’t changed, you are advised to reduce your dairy consumption of you are struggling to lose weight.

This came about after an uproar in the South African media after Jonno Proudfoot had changed the “Dairy” status from a “green” listed food to “orange” which means it can be consumed in moderation.

The conclusion we can draw from this is that, according to Tim Noakes, dairy is fine for those on the Banting diet but if you are specifically trying to lose weight you should only consume it in moderation.

Be Careful, It’s Easy To Revert To Your Old Eating Habits

Banting Meal

A Banting Meal that would make Tim Noakes proud. Grilled steak (grass fed), Pumpkin (organic), Spinach (organic), Butter (Unsalted & grass fed)

Whilst this meal plan provides you with an easy way to get started on the low-carb Banting way of eating, it’s really easy to get into a rut by preparing & eating the same meals over & over.

This situation creates boredom & “diet fatigue” which often causes people to revert to unhealthy convenience eating – let’s face it a tempting burger & chips looks far more appealing than chicken & veggies.

The best way to help you avoid slipping back into your old eating habits, is to have a comprehensive diet plan complemented with hundreds of tempting LCHF Banting/Paleo approved meal options & recipes to keep you going for at least a month or two to keep it interesting & exciting.

To make it easier for you to stick to this healthy eating plan…

CLICK HERE to download PDF file

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