Children with Cerebral Palsy and Treatment

Cerebral Palsy in Children

The term Cerebral Palsy broadly refers to a group of chronic disorders which impair a child’s control of movement and in some cases his cognitive development. These disorders are caused by damage or the faulty development of different areas in the brain. When this occurs, it is much more difficult for a child to control his movement and posture. A child’s speech and communication can also be affected.

Symptoms of the condition can include stiffness (hyper tone), difficulty keeping balance, involuntary movements, clenched fists, rolling to only one side, and using one side of the body more than the other. Infants with the condition often take longer to reach developmental milestones such as learning to roll over, crawl, sit or walk.

The early signs of Cerebral Palsy usually become apparent before a child reaches three years of age. When this occurs, it is best to have your child begin therapy as soon as possible.


Cerebral Palsy: Top 5 Possible Causes of the Disorder


Treatment for Cerebral Palsy

Our team of extensively trained therapists specialize in treating children with CP. The sooner treatment begins, the better the prognosis. The earlier a child with CP is brought for treatment, the better. In some cases, a child who is treated properly from the early stages of his life can become completely independent, and will not need any assistive devices.

At Health in Motion, we are proud to have helped several children gain their independence in every aspect of their lives. Depending on your child’s condition, we may use a variety of different therapies as a part of his treatment program. These could include:

  • Functional education – In functional education, we teach your child how to perform complete functions independently. Goals are achieved through explanation, guidance and the repetition of functions and movements. This improves your child’s motor development, range of movement and physical independence.
  • Massage therapy – The massage therapists at Health in Motion specialize in the treatment of children and infants with different disorders. We do recommend massage therapy for children and infants with CP, as it releases tension from the nervous system and improves blood and lymphatic flow throughout the body. These actions lead to a reduction in spasms and involuntary movements, which can improve your child’s overall function.
  • Speech language and communication therapy – In speech language and communication therapy, we address problem areas including limited speech, life and communication skills. In doing so, we allow your child to develop ways that he can interact successfully with society, as well as strategies to overcome his or her learning difficulties.
  • Group therapy – We may use group therapy to teach a child social skills and communication as well as improve his daily function and ability to interact.
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LIFE Concept and Program

The LIFE Program was specifically developed for children with Cerebral palsy. Depending on your child’s condition, age and stage of development, the program is tailored to his specific needs, and covers all aspects of his life. This includes his cognitive, motor and social development.


How Our Treatment Changes Lives

Katerina was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy on February 13, 2006 at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. At the time of the diagnosis, my husband and I were told that she would have a permanent limp and possibly require occupational and speech therapy… It has been just over two years since we first brought Katerina to Natan for treatment… The results of the therapy are astounding. She is able to walk with virtually no discernable limp, and can run and jump…

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