Anti allergy washing machine cures girl, 9, of her crippling eczema

She is now a happy, smiling nine-year-old who is doing well at school and loves messing about with her three brothers.

But just a few months ago, schoolgirl Daisy Ames was in agony, struggling to cope with her severe allergies.

She had painful eczema all over her body, which caused weeping sores on her face and legs and stopped her sleeping at night.

Now her life has been turned around thanks to an unusual treatment – a special anti allergy washing machine

Anti Allergy washing machine

The Servis Sensitive Wash machine was given to Daisy’s parents, Laura and Russell, through charity Allergy UK in June.

It has helped to stop her clothes irritating her skin by stripping them of bacteria and allergens such as residual soap powder.

Daisy has suffered with eczema since she was a baby but was only diagnosed with allergies to dust mites and mould spores, as well as dairy, wheat and peanuts, when she was seven years old.

Teacher Mrs Ames, 37, said: ‘She has had quite severe eczema since she was a baby. At its worst she was missing a lot of school as she was so uncomfortable. She had big sores on her legs and on her face and was coming out in rashes.

‘She was really unwell. It meant she was sad and quiet – she was not a happy little child.’ Mrs Ames said that the combination of the donated washing machine – which at £399 cost more than the family would have been able to afford – and help from the allergy specialists had ‘all worked together to bring about a change’.

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She added: ‘It has helped her be more comfortable. She is now very happy and well in herself.’

Anti Allergy washing machine
The new anti allergy washing machine has almost completely cured Daisy’s eczema (Picture: Roland Hoskins)

The anti allergy washing machine removes allergens, bacteria and stains left by creams and emollients from clothes in a three-hour wash at 60 degrees, with four rinse cycles.

It holds an 8kg load and uses less water and electricity than many ordinary machines – while spinning clothes at a range of slow and fast speeds allowing more bacteria to be removed.

Machines were donated by Servis to three families after being approved by Allergy UK. Lindsey McManus, deputy chief executive of the charity, said: ‘Allergen avoidance is a key step in managing allergic conditions.

‘Products such as the Servis washing machine that have been endorsed with the Allergy UK seal of approval have undergone rigorous scientific testing, to ensure that they actually remove allergens and bacteria in the washing cycle.’

Servis machines are not sold in Ireland, but there are others recommended by Allergy UK .

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