Kieron Myers: Tragic cerebral palsy sufferer’s hanging death was ‘unintentional’

The 21-year-old was “the happiest he had ever been” hours before he was found hanged at his home, an inquest was told

The death of a 21-year-old with cerebral palsy by hanging was “unintentional” aninquest has found.

Kieron Myers was “the happiest he had ever been” hours before he was found hanged at his home on May 31, the hearing at Middlesbrough Town Hall was told yesterday.

He had been having fun at the Myton Farm pub with family the day before his death,the Gazette reports.

Giving evidence, his mum Kerry Myers said an argument had broken out between her son and his “on-off” girlfriend Rebecca Wennington, and the pair had decided to go home at around 11.30pm.

“They had a difficult relationship with a combination of their ages and money issues,” said Mrs Myers, 39.

Kieron Myers and girlfriend Rebecca Wennington
Inquest: A court heard Kieron (right) ‘had never been happier’ before his death

But she said Kieron was happy after he and Rebecca had moved in together as it made him feel more independent.

In a statement, care worker Rebecca, 18, said they walked to Tesco to buy cigarettes and began arguing over who was paying for them.

She said she went to stay at Kieron’s mother’s house after being locked out by her partner.

However she said she continued to ring his phone throughout the night.

“I thought he would have gone to bed and forgot about the argument by the time he woke up,” said Rebecca.

However, she found Kieron’s lifeless body at around 2pm the following day.

KatieLunn /GazetteLiveFuneral of Kieron Myers, 21, at St Bede's Chapel, Teesside Crematorium
Farewell: The 21-year-old’s funeral was held earlier this year in Teesside

A suitcase had been taken out of the wardrobe with clothes scattered round it – as though Kieron had tried to pack, the inquest heard.

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Mrs Myers said she was extremely close to scaffolder Kieron, who would often talk to her about his troubles.

“He used to tell me everything, that’s why I know his money problems used to upset him,” said Mrs Myers, who is also mum to Arron, 16, and Olivia, 14.

“He was happy-go-lucky most of the time but his financial difficulties were really getting to him.

“He never expressed any intention to take his own life.

“He never used to realise the consequences of his actions. I don’t think he meant to kill himself.”

Kieran Myers
Sad: Kieron, pictured here when he was younger, suffered from cerebral palsy but his family said it never fazed him

And although Kieron battled cerebral palsy, which mainly affected his memory, his family said it never fazed him.

Clare Bailey, acting senior coroner for Teesside, said a toxicology report found that Kieron had the equivalent of four to five pints of lager in his system.

She also confirmed that the medical cause of death was hanging.

Recording a narrative verdict Ms Bailey said: “Kieron’s death was caused by an impulsive act of hanging while in a heightened emotional state and under the influence of alcohol, in the apparent absence of intention to take his own life.”

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