Jayne Soliman suffered a brain haemorrhage and was declared brain dead when she was twenty five weeks pregnant. Doctors kept her alive long enough to deliver her daughter Aya Jayne by caesarean section. Pictured: Baby Aya Jayne in the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Copyright: The Sun. (Credit Image: © News International/ZUMA Press)

Baby Left Brain Dead after Drug Addict Dad Gives him CRYSTAL METH to Stop Crying

A drug addict is facing jail after giving his baby CRYSTAL METH to stop him crying.Miroslav Strnadov, 30, and his wife Silvia, 26, were arrested after taking the injured four month-old tot to hospital.

The youngster was so severely brain damaged that doctors said he was left “clinically dead.”
A hospital spokesman said: “They came into the waiting room with the unconscious baby in a pram and demanded to see a doctor.

“When we carried out checks it became apparent the child was in a critical state and had been given a strong dosage of drugs.”

Head doctor Anna Moracikova said: “The child’s brain is severely damaged and he is clinically dead.

“His chances of survival are minimal and he is being kept alive by a life support machine.”

Neighbours of the couple in the town of Prievidza in the north-western Slovak region of Horna Nitrawere, reacted with shock at the news.

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