8-Year-Old Boy Builds Playground After Friend with Cerebral Palsy Dies: ‘Our Hearts Are Too Strong to Be Broken’

Eight-year-old Connor Herrero of Pelham, Alabama, is honoring the memory of his best friend, Connor Jacobs, who had cerebral palsy and died unexpectedly in May.

8-Year-Old Boy Builds Playground After Friend with Cerebral Palsy Dies

The third grader is raising money for a unique playground that caters to children with physical disabilities.

“We loved each other as much as the universe could take. Basically we just could not be separated. The day I heard about when he died, that’s when it struck me our hearts are too strong to be broken. I just really miss him and I’m sad that he’s gone,” Herrero told AL.com.

Although Jacobs was non-verbal, he and Herrero struck up a fierce friendship in kindergarten – and they always dreamed of playing together on a playground.

When Jacobs passed away, Herrero realized that while his dream with his friend may not come true, he had an opportunity to help make other kids’ dreams come true.

Herrero set up a fundraiser to raise money for a project called Carly’s Clubhouse, a nonprofit organization that specializes in playgrounds that can be used by children with physical disabilities. The inclusive play space is made possible through community support.

“It just makes me very happy that I can do this,” Herrero told the Pelham Reporter”.

Herrero has raised more than $200 with the help of his classmates, and on May 21, he held a fundraiser to raise more funds and presented the donations to Carly’s Clubhouse.

Jacob’s family, who was at the assembly, said they were touched by his friend’s efforts.

“We’re very proud of Connor Herrero. He’s a very special boy,” Kristen Jacobs, Connor Jacobs’ mother, said.

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