Virtually everyone has heard of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. That’s because they are mental health disorders with a lot of research and information. They aren’t the only ones though. There are plenty of mental health disorders that will probably surprise you.

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Walking Corpse Syndrome

People with this syndrome actually believe they are dead, but still living their life as they did before death. It often presents with depression or as a psychotic symptom or medication usage.
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Alien Hand Syndrome

This syndrome is caused by misfiring connections in the brain and causes the person’s hand to move without any cognitive awareness that is has happened.
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Foreign Accent Syndrome

Foreign Accent Syndrome generally occurs after brain surgery or a brain injury. It causes a person to suddenly begin speaking with a foreign accent.
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Self Cannibalism

This disorder is more common in boys and involves the compulsion to chew one’s own skin. Many people with the disease must have their teeth removed.
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People with aboulomania appear normal, but have anxiety and crippling indecision when faced with a basic choice like what kind of sandwich to have for lunch.
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The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

It might have a strange name, but peopel with this disorder react to being startled with exaggerated involuntary movements.
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This disorder causes a person to believe they are turning into an animal. It usually starts as a dream and then takes over his or her life.
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When someone has pica, they crave strange non-food items. This includes hair, dirt and other substances, some of which can harm a person’s health.
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Genital Retraction Syndrome

A person with this disorder believes that his or her sexual organs are shrinking and that once they retract fully, that they will die.
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This disorder makes the sufferer believe that someone from a high social status is in love with them. This could be a singer or an actor. That person then begins a delusional “two-way” relationship with the celebrity.
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