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11 Beauty Tips For Busy Schedule

Tired of having to worry about your skin all the time?  How about waking up early only to spend an hour or two putting on your makeup?

11 easy beauty tips for the busy bodys

Do you need a foundation or, a Derma Promedics anti-wrinkle cream?  Even if you’re not on a tight budget or a busy schedule, there are easy ways to get beautiful skin.  Below are 11 basic tips you should follow:

Tip # 1:  Use only products with mild, non-irritating ingredients-  Protect your skin from inflammation caused by harsh ingredients.  Generally avoid colorants, fragrances and drying alcohols from your skincare products, most especially if you have sensitive skin.  These leave your skin dry, itchy and blotchy.  Where inflammation is present, so too is skin damage.

Tip # 2:  Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin-  Do this routine twice daily and don’t skip because clean and clear skin is the start of a more beautiful, youthful looking skin.  Keeping your skin clear also protects your skin from infection and enables your skin to absorb more of the beneficial ingredients from your moisturizers, anti-aging formulas, and other creams and serums in your regimen.

Tip # 3:  Exfoliate regularly.  Aging skin suffers from a general slow down of processes that were once normal and which run a-plenty for young skin.  Stimulate skin cell renewal and turnover processes with regular exfoliation.  Keep it effective yet mild and gentle by using alpha hydroxy acids that gently rids skin of surface skin debris by lifting up the dirt and then eliminating it.

Tip # 4:  Protect your skin from photoaging with sunscreen-  Sun exposure is and will always be a major cause of skin aging, the other being senescence.  To stop skin aging and damage from happening too fast, use sunscreen.  When you do, put in extra effort in making sure that it is not made from chemical sunscreen active ingredients which can harm your skin and your health.  Mineral sunscreens are a better alternative, most especially those with sensitive skin types.

Get even more out of your regular sunscreen by choosing products that are laden with antioxidants too.  For a more flawless sun time, sign up a tinted sunscreen.

Tip # 5:  Add an extra layer of protection on your skin by incorporating antioxidants.  Include antioxidants in your beauty routine, day and night.  Antioxidants help your skin fight free radicals that can start off a series of cellular-level, chemical reactions that can change the structure, damage, and kill otherwise healthy skin cells.  Moreover, antioxidants also helps the skin rebuild its natural protective layers.

Tip # 6:  Get more antioxidants from your food-  Other than eating your leafy greens, get high doses of protective antioxidants, not only for your skin but for your overall health, from green tea, black tea and red wine.

Tip # 7:  Obtain Omega-3 fatty acid from your diet-  Make clear, unblemished skin your skin’s regular condition.  Stomp out irritations and blotchiness by incorporating the anti-inflammatory properties of fatty fish including salmon, tuna and sardines.

Tip # 8:  Address your most pressing aging skin issues-  Other than protecting against the sun, an anti-aging skin regimen must also support the skin make up for skin components that are present in much lesses quantities.  Anti-aging products, most especially wrinkle creams like Derma Promedics, are a must for aging skin care.  This product supports your skin in keeping collagen levels high.

Tip # 9:  Follow Tips 1 to 8 above regularly-  Keep the tips above in mind.  Closely follow each one and you’ll find yourself needing much less makeup and, thus, free yourself plenty of time to spare sleeping in or doing things other than fixing your face up in the mirror.

Tip # 10:  Substitute your foundation with BB Cream-  The beauty of this Beauty Balm is that it combines the power of a moisturizer, concealer and SPF all in one application.  It has a lighter weight formula than foundation.  It leaves your skin with sheer, matte coverage and a radiant, youthful glow.

Tip # 11:  Get an eyelash extension-  Give yourself a practical vanity treat that lets you wear your glamorous eyes 24/7 and that saves you time from curling and brushing and shaping your eyelashes every morning.  Plus, you won’t ever have to deal with clampy, stiffened eyelashes throughout the day.


Better than makeup, there’s regular skincare.  Get these 11 pointers right all the time and you won’t have to worry about getting a bad skin day ever again.

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