Man Wins #BestBaldDad Contest With a Tattoo of His Son’s Cancer Scar

Josh Marshall is the best bald dad – a title he has been awarded by St. Baldrick’s Foundation and the internet.

Marshall entered the St. Baldrick’s competition, which accepts submissions from male family members who have shaved their head in honor of a child who has or had cancer, in honor of his son Gabriel.

Josh and Gabriel Marshall


Marshall won the #BestBaldDad competition with 5,000 votes for his shaved head and scar tattoo. Since the competition, the father and son photo has been liked over 146,000 times on Instagram, and shared over 5,000 times on Facebook.


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Marshall’s tattoo matches the scar his son has from a surgery which removed a rare cancerous tumor in his brain. According to the competition’s winner’s page, Marshall got the tattoo to help his son with his confidence.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Marshall said that Gabriel’s scar made his son feel like a “monster.” Marshall, being the #BestBaldDad, decided to get a matching tattoo, telling his son “If people wanted to stare, they [can] stare at both of us.”

Gabriel, 8, still has some of the tumor in his brain, but his scans are currently stable, BuzzFeed News reports.

You can keep up with Josh and Gabriel Marshall in their Facebook group, Prayers for Gabe Marshall.

The Mighty reached out to Josh Marshall and has yet to hear back. 

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