Medical Marijuana News: PTSD Patients From Several States Can Now Access Medical Marijuana

Israel Pioneers Use Of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is making its way into the health care industry after its legalization in several states. As of the latest update, it was mentioned that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will soon be added for medical marijuana treatment.

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PTSD is said to be part of the 20 qualifying conditions which is listed under Ohio’s medical marijuana law. The law was signed and approved by the Ohio governor, Gov. John Kasich. The Cannabist mentioned that PTSD was only discussed as an option for treatment by the US House of Representatives and Senate. PTSD was then added as one of the 20 qualifying conditions for medical marijuana treatment.

Aside from Ohio also pass a bill which adds PTSD to the qualified conditions to be treated for medical marijuana just this June. A month after Ohio considered medical marijuana for PTSD, Rhode Island also added the condition on the lists qualified for medical marijuana treatment.

17 have already used medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD as listed on theMarijuana Project. It was then mentioned that the numbers could potentially increase by the end of the year. As medical marijuana is making rounds on the health care industry, several professionals oppose to its legalization.

It was mentioned that medical marijuana needs further studies before its implementation. It was then mentioned that the study on medical marijuana needs for funding for the study to push through.

“The politics are far outpacing the research,” said Dr. Samuel Wilkinson, a resident physician at the Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry. “We need more funding. We need more studies.”

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Marijuana legalization did not only pave a way for healthcare options, but it also increased the state funds as it can be taxed. Do you think medical marijuana can help patients with PTSD? Do let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.

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