Cerebral Palsy : Kentucky boy won’t let cerebral palsy stop him from participating in triathlon

TAYLORSVILLE, Ky. — If you’re struggling to get out of the house to do your daily walk or jog, consider the story of Levi Logsdon.

The Kentucky native won’t let his disability get in the way of competing in marathons or triathlons.

There are tons of things to put a smile on little Levi’s face. But there’s nothing like a good triathlon to get him going.

“Being able to do the races is amazing because we never thought that he would be able to do something like this,” Levi’s mother, Laura Leigh Logsdon, said. “And he now is able to do races just like everybody else would able to do.”

Levi has cerebral palsy, so he has difficulty moving. But with a little help from other athletes, he rides like the wind.

“He did the triathlon last year with Luke. And then he has done the Kentucky Derby Marathon. He did Run for the Bluegrass. He’s done several other 5Ks. So he absolutely loves being in it,” Logsdon said.

Luke Powell with the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapy rode with Levi for last year’s triathlon.

Powell said the point of all this is to help kids experience new things.

“It’s really great to see them, and see the joy that it brings them, to be able to get out and do something and feel like a normal kid,” he said.

This year, though, Powell is letting other athletes enjoy Levi’s company.

Stephen Heitz took Levi on the cycling portion, and he said Levi is fierce competition.

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“He’s kind of a feisty little thing. If there’s people in the way, he will honk and yell, ‘Beep, beep,’ kind of ‘Get out of my way!’ We just had a good time out there.”

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