Girl with celebral palsy writes a novel with her foot

The next time you find yourself complaining about something that is not that much important remind yourself of Hu Huiyuan. The 21-year-old woman’s story that is so remarkable it is hard to believe.

The young woman lives in Anhui province in China and has cerebral palsy. But that hasn’t stopped her from writing 60,000 words of a novel using only her left foot. If you’re as blown away by this story as I am, now consider that she never had any formal education.

Over the years she taught herself to read and write with the help of her mother. “I’m not a genius, but I’m very focused,” she said, modestly. “When I watched TV in my childhood, I often learned words with subtitles.”

The girl plans to write two more chapters before finishing the book which is about love and following your dreams.



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