10 Tips for Including People With Disabilities in Your Party

WATCH: 17 Steps Between a Dancer and Her Dream

Twelve-year-old Meg has always had a dream to be a dancer. Adopted as a baby, Meg came to the United States with her sister when she was just 3 month old. Her new parents noticed that she was having difficulties with certain developmental phases and Meg was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 1.

The passionate dreamer she is, allowed her to never let her diagnosis stop her from living a full life. She wanted to become a dancer, so she did. Meg danced at “A Dancer’s Dream” from the age of 4 to 7, but as her condition worsened it was too difficult for her to make it up the 17 steps to the studio. But her fighting spirit wouldn’t give up. She wanted to join the ‘Dream Team.’ She practiced and when she was 10 years old she climbed up the steps with the support of her dance team.

This is her fourth year and best part of her life. Being in a wheelchair, Meg’s parents were not sure how that was going to happen, but with the support of the local dance team and creative director Beth Wheeler, Meg is now a member of “A Dancer’s Dream” dance team!


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