I’m going to let you in my secret weapon: Magnesium. I have used things like yoga and diet changes to help manage my son’s hyperactivity in the past. They are a great part of helping him get through the day. But there is one more that is really great for him and the rest of us.

Calming an Active Child with Magnesium

Most of us are seriously deficient in Magnesium. Our diets have changed over the years and we just don’t consume enough in our diets.  A lack of Magnesium can cause many different issues and health concerns like ADHD.  Over the last year I have found three different ways of using magnesium to help my son with his extra energy and sensory issues.

  1. Kid’s Calm Multivitamin: When I first mentioned to our pediatrician that I was concerned about all that energy with Bubba she immediately told me to get this vitamin. It is full of all the vitamins and nutrients that my boys need anyway but it also has some extra magnesium and omega oils that really help with focus and concentration.  I five Bubs a full dose each morning with some OJ. (Amazon and Vitacost usually have the best prices)
  2. Natural Calm: This stuff is AWESOME! After using the multivitamin for a while I realized that I needed something more.  I love this stuff. It’s great for my allergies, cramps, migraines, insomnia and more! I usually mix some with some warm water and then add to a smoothie each day. If I don’t make a smoothie I had a teaspoon to some juice and give it to both my boys during snack time. It really calms Bubs down fast (within 15 minutes I notice a difference).
  3. Magnesium oil: I shared how I use this oil in my calming homemade playdough. I also use this on my son’s skin to help him calm down and focus. I rub a little on his arms and legs at night to help him settle down for bed. If he is having a hard time focusing in the morning for school I’ll put some on his legs as well.
  4. Epsom Salt: I regularly give my boys Epsom salt baths.  A cup or two in warm water, sometimes I add essentials oils. It’s great at detoxifying the body and helping to get everyone relaxed and calm for bed.
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